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Canal Walk Mal, Cape Town

Canal Walk, Cape Town

Green Acres Mall, Port Elizabeth

Green Acres Mall, Port Elizabeth

Menlyn Mall, Pretoria

Menlyn Mall, Pretoria

Aqua Massage

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Discover the remarkable revenue-generating potential of Aqua Massage!  Savvy entrepreneurs worldwide are generating profits in malls, airports, and retail locations by providing busy, stressed shoppers with the soothing health benefits of Aqua Massage. Aqua Massage XL250 models can be found in over 300 Mall sites in the USA alone. Clients love the ease and convenience of Aqua Massage, because Aqua Massage provides the benefits of an hour-long massage in only 10 minutes! In between flights, on a lunch hour, for a refreshing break - thousands of people are making massage a part of their routine.

The durable Aqua Massage XL and Aqua Massage Spa product lines provide years of trouble-free operation in high-volume settings. The revolutionary, fully-clothed, dry water massage technique is quick, quiet, and discreet. The AVA™ System provides for a completely holistic sensory experience that will have excited clients talking for miles around. In fact, it's not at all uncommon for clients to make a special trip to their local Aqua Massage operator for a weekly massage.

Aqua Massage units boast a unique, futuristic design to attract attention and draw interested traffic, giving you an unmistakable advantage over your competitors. The Aqua Massage XL250 and Spa models are the only dry water massage units that have a large transparent canopy that allows onlookers to be mesmerised by the pulsating water. This is a key advantage in attracting customers. Due to Aqua Massage International's patents, other machines available are forced to spray water into a bag that is dragged over the body.

Each unit requires minimal square footage, and because a single employee can operate several units simultaneously, every square inch of your retail space generates more profit. Aqua Massage stand-alone units need no additional plumbing or electrical set-up, and require no post operation clean-up. The hard-working Aqua Massage product line boasts minimal downtime for maintenance, and does not require draining.

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Spa / Salon / Wellness Centre

AquaMassage - business opportunity for spa, salon, or wellness centres

Perfect for busy, stressed clients, the Aqua Massage product line allows your clients to pack more relaxation into less time! Because clients receive the benefits of a traditional hour massage in only 15 minutes, clients can schedule additional treatments during their appointments, immediately boosting your profit margins. Hurried clients will love the convenience of not having to undress, and modest clients will appreciate the privacy of not having to be touched by a stranger. Combined with other packages, or offered singly, the Aqua Massage product line will increase revenue and client satisfaction.

For a more completely seductive spa experience, use the AVA™ System. Combining music and aromatherapy with a luxurious full-body massage creates a feeling of well-being so extraordinary for your clients, that you may never get them to leave!

The Aqua Massage Spa product line is available in custom colors to match any decor.

No pain, no gain? No time to work out and have a massage? Not any more! Boost revenue and client satisfaction by including the Aqua Massage XL, the Aqua Massage Spa, or the World Eco Spa in the range of amenities you offer your clients. The Aqua Massage is the perfect piece of equipment to help your clients relax and soothe tired, strained muscles. Or clients may choose to use the system to warm and limber their muscles before their workout, thereby reducing injuries

Either way you'll have happier, more satisfied clients because regular use of an Aqua Massage unit helps your clients get fit faster and stay fit longer. Time sets and check-in can be easily handled from your front desk, and no additional staff is required to run the units. The Aqua Massage product line offers optional systems to control use, so you can choose to include the massage experience as an attractive membership incentive, or as a separate revenue generator.

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Holistic practitioners understand the importance of body-mind integration, and the role it plays in attaining premium health. The fact is that a stress-free, healthy body heals faster and better, and is less susceptible to injury and illness. Massage therapy is one of the most powerful methods of stress management, and may prevent the development of stress-related illnesses (hypertension, heart attacks, depression, etc.). Aqua Massage allows caring chiropractors the opportunity to offer their patients of all ages the benefits of a hands-on massage combined with the therapeutic benefits of heat. An additional benefit is that massage promotes body self-awareness, and patients who receive regular massage often experience better motor control, and increased control of their posture.

The Aqua Massage XL250 is the perfect complement to all chiropractic and holistic modalities. Patients who receive regular aqua-massage have experienced:

Aqua Massage provides all the benefits of dry hydrotherapy, dry heat therapy and massage therapy without the usual inconveniences and time required for these modalities. Each rugged, stainless steel unit is self-contained, requires minimal floor space, and is exceptionally easy to operate.

The Aqua Massage XL250 offers easy entry and exit with a firm supporting cushion - there is no climbing off an unstable water bed membrane - and the patient remains fully clothed. Water pulse frequency can be independently adjusted separately from the water pressure control to suit each client's sensitivity and needs for pain relief or relaxation, while a separate, hand-held control allows the user to pause the adjustable pressure water jets on problem areas.

AquaMassage - business opportunities for chiropractors

The sophisticated technology of the automatic Body Profiler Control System™ lets the operator or patient easily select a pre-programmed Body Profile™ to suit the patient's unique requirements. For example, patients can choose stronger pressure on the lower back and gentle pressure in the neck region. The hand-held control gives the patient individual control over his / her therapeutic experience.

Maintenance of the unit is minimal - there is no post-operation cleanup - because the patient remains fully clothed and lotions are not required. A convenient face paper roller makes high volume use even easier. The Aqua Massage scientifically developed multi-therapy system helps you reduce treatment costs, increase patient satisfaction and deliver a superior level of therapy modalities.

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