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"We just reached our 3rd anniversary with our Aqua Massage unit and the patients have continued to use this therapy with excellent results. Patients continue to also refer others for this treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend this modality to anyone wishing to purchase the best and most reliable dry hydrotherapy machine available."

John R. Winn, DC

"As a chiropractor for the past 6 years, I have seen what a great asset the Aqua PT units have been for my practice. If you are looking for an additional therapy source or have experienced frustration with finding a massage therapist, you'll find the Aqua PT well received"

Morgan P. Mullican, DC, DACBN

"Your Aqua PT units have transformed our office into a credible oasis of relief for those suffering with back pain or spinal illness. I have been utilizing these dry hydrotherapy units for over 8 years and besides the tremendous therapeutic treatment of these units, the business side of our office has had a tremendous increase of new patient referrals. Our patient retention and follow up care has been drastically increased"

William P. Lentscher, DC

"I have a multitude of back problems as a result of years riding unruly horses and being a passenger of 2 severe car wrecks. Your machine has been the first affordable relief for my daily back spasms. The fact that it reaches so many areas of the back at once, makes a huge difference in how long the treatments last. A traditional sport therapy massage lasts a couple of hours and I never could have less than 3 a week and remain limber. One treatment in the aqua machine and I am good for at least three days, provided I do not lift or do things that cause whip last action on my neck. This is amazing since the last Chiropractor told me I would have to marry a chiropractor to get enough help to keep me functioning normally without pain."

V.M. Texas

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Aqua Massage is. I have been seeing a chiropractor for almost a year now. He is Dr. Mark Herman at Acadiana Chiropractor Center in Houma, LA. He advertised the Aqua Massage on his sign that you could try it for free. He also advertised that is could help Fibromyalgia. I've been disabled because of Fibromyalgia for 5 years. And now, thanks to the amazing Aqua Massage and his choice of treatment, I just started working part time!! Hooray! I have widespread body pain and the Aqua Massage has been a miracle for it. I also have Degenerative Disc Disease and a bulging disc in my lower back. I've tried every treatment for Fibromyalgia, even epidurals and physical therapy, but nothing has given me long-term relief like the Aqua Massage! Thank you so much!

P.W. California

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